Autumn/Winter 2023

Autumn/Winter has landed at Three Bear! Take a look at these amazing fabrics in the AW23 collection

Autumn Skies

Autumn Days

Big Flowers

Big Leaves (warmer fabric)

Camp Fire (warmer fabric)

Construction - Warmer Fabric

Dog Pals (warmer Fabric)

Dinosaurs (warmer Fabric)

Diving With Friends

Forest Friends

Fox and Friends

Fox Festival - Warmer Fabric


Happy Hearts - (warmer Fabric)

 Guinea Pigs

Halloween - Foxes

Halloween - Pumpkin Patch

Hearts and Rainbows (Warmer Fabric)


Leopard Spots (warmer fabric)

Little Monsters - Hot Pink (warmer fabric)

Little Monsters - Red (warmer fabric)


Penguin Huddle (warmer fabric)

Rainy Days

Sleepy Sloths - Warmer Fabric



Timber Bears

Three Polar Bears - Warmer Fabric

Welly Boots

Wild Thing (Warmer Fabric)

Woodland Friends (warmer fabric)