Care Instructions

Here you will find the fabric content of your clothes and also the best way to keep them looking good

Fabric content of all items (excluding snuggle jackets):

95% cotton & 5% Elastane

Snuggle Jackets - Outer and lining fabric

100% Polyester 


To keep your clothing looking at its best for longer, I recommend the following

🌟wash at 30%

🌟Use non bio washing powder

🌟Don't use fabric softener (this is especially a must on snuggle jackets)

🌟No tumble dry, if you need to tumble dry though make sure its on low

🌟Iron on medium/low 


For stains I recommend a stain remover like ecover stain remover and follow the following steps:

🌟If heavily stained make sure you have removed most of the loose bits

🌟As soon as possible rinse item in cold water, soak if needed

🌟Whilst wet apply the stain remover - if using ecover squeeze a small amount into the brush and rub over the stain in a circular motion

🌟Apply more remover if needed, for older more set in stains you can leave this on over night

🌟Pop in the washing machine with the rest of your washing

🌟If still stained after washing then repeat the above steps whilst the item is still wet and hasn't dried